Dr. Juris Vitols

Clinic Head

Member of the Latvian Association of Gynecologists and Obstetricians
Member of the European Association of Endoscopic Gynecologists
Board Member of the Latvian Gynecological Endoscopy Association
Bearer of the Order of the Three Stars
Graduated from Riga Medical Institute in 1967
Performing gynecological surgeries since 1973
A pioneer of gynecologic endoscopic surgeries in Latvia
The first in Latvia to perform a laparoscopic hysterectomy (in 1995), a laparoscopic Burch procedure and a laparoscopic Wertheim surgery
In cooperation with a surgeon interested in the treatment of endometriosis, performed the first one in Latvia and has performed more than 60 deep endometriosis and bowel endometriosis surgeries
Has performed vaginal neoplastic surgeries (for congenital vaginal abnormalities).